About Me

I am a consultant currently based in Mexico City with 8+ years of experience in design and communication for International Development, Social Enterprises, Startups working to achieve a greater social, economical and/or environmental impact.

I work to bring users at the center of your research to design better products and services, systems and processes, through understanding users' motivations, emotions, needs, and behaviors and gather meaningful insights. Building brands, experiences, services and products that people will want to use.

My Passion

Creating better businesses through business model innovation, design, branding, and marketing. I enjoy integrating design in all areas of work from the aesthetical and functional end to the process of doing user-centered research, design strategy, user experience design and service design, among other design products that help companies, projects, and organizations provide better.

  • Brand, service, and experience design
  • Strategic ideation and design facilitation
  • Communication and storytelling
  • Business development and innovation

My Skills

I bring design process to innovate businesses, communication design and branding to reach audiences, and build better businesses though proved methodologies.

User Experience

Understand your users by developing insights on their behaviors, motivations, emotions, and general preferences when to design better products and services.


Design ideas flawlessly and beautifully. Utilizing the design process to create services, systems, products, and processes that are both functional and aesthetical.


Communicate to audiences to create empathy between your product/service and their need and motivator. Find the right words, channels and outlets to make your product reach its intented audience.


Doing things the known way can only ensure same results. Innovation tools can empower your team to understand users, create insights, develop prototypes.

Technical Skills

Formally trained as a communicator with a specialty in organizational design, and in graphic and web design, I have utilized the design process to create experiences, brands and products that work for users.

By facilitating design within organization we ensure that strategies and projects continue through their expected lifetime and strengthen organizations internally and externally.

100% Complete
Visual Design 100%
70% Complete (success)
User Experience 70%
75% Complete (info)
Design Research 75%
100% Complete (warning)
Communication 100%
60% Complete (danger)
Design & Innovation Facilitation 60%


These are a few projects I have worked with in different capacities as a consultant. Ranging from pure visual design to consulting about what to say and how, to business development and capacity building in innovation.



Design & Innovation

(January 2014 - Present) Mexico City – Consult with different clients around the topics of innovation, design and storytelling. See portfolio for previous client work.

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Grupo myt

UX Design

(March 2015 – June 2015) Mexico City, Mexico – Responsible for designing an innovative sport business through a user-centered approach and utilizing methods of business innovation like the Value Proposition Design and Business Model Canvas.

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idea / shift

Creative Director

(May - December 2014) Helped in the launch of a creative agency and media platform focused on telling stories of emerging entrepreneurs around the world. Currently on standby.

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impact hub, mexico DF

Operations Manager

(December 2013 – April 2014) Mexico City, Mexico. Launched the Impact Hub in Mexico City. Established operation processes and manuals, defined sales, communications, marketing, and branding strategies. Initiated a community-building.

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world bank

Design & Communications

(May 2009 - June 2013) Washington DC – Worked in a number of projects related to design and communication, storytelling, impact reporting, and general strategy.

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aa, visual communication

Art Direction and Communications

(January 2007 – December 2013) multiple cities – Independent design and communications consultant for international projects, social enterprises, and companies looking to communicate better through branding and effective visual communications.

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